A general contractor will follow a set of plans for a building or a house to improve it or to build something new. All of the other workers on your project will report to them. It is the general contractor’s job to order mate­rials, inspect any work that is done, and keep everything on the correct schedule.  Any paperwork that is involved, which includes bills for materials and payroll, as well as the invoices you will receive for the work that is done, will be handled by the general contractor on your project. When it is time to hire a subcontractor for a particular aspect of the project, such as plumbing, electrical work, drywall, carpentry, tile, roofing, and the foundation, the general contractor will hire whomever is needed to finish the project on time and according to plans. For projects such as building a deck, installing cabinets, or making structural repairs, having a skilled carpenter on hand is essential. You need someone who is skilled in carpentry to produce work that will increase the value of your property. A structural carpenter will be able to build or repair a deck or porch, while a finish carpenter will be able to complete detailed design flourishes and trim work on the inside of your home. A professional carpenter will be able to ensure that all of the work completed is up to code requirements and is to a level of quality lending itself to lasting results.

Kelly Construction would love to offer their general contractor and carpenter services to you. No matter what work is being done on your property, Kelly Construction will take responsibility for the completion of every stage of the building process. You can count on the general contractor services through Kelly Construction to finish your project on time and within budget. Kelly Construction offers you all of the benefits of a general contractor and professional carpenter. Kelly Construction is the general contractor that has the skilled carpenters you need to finish your building project.