When you decide to start remodeling your home or start construction on your dream home there are many options to choose from that will improve how your home looks and feels, as well as save you money on maintenance and energy costs. If you are interested in energy conservation and saving on your utility bill, then choosing energy-wise appliances and more efficient HVAC systems are a great choice for your remodel or new construction project. It is a great idea to install energy efficient windows as well as more efficient insulation, low-flow fixtures and appliances, and LED lighting throughout your home to make an even better impact on the amount of energy your home consumes. You may also want to remodel your home or outfit your new construction home with sensors for your lighting and programmable thermostats that will keep your energy costs down.

Some features, such as new counters, can be added to your home rather easily. There are laminate options that can mimic stone, wood, or distressed metal, as well as options that incorporate recycled granite, glass, and even seashells in its surfaces. These kinds of counters can be installed over an existing countertop and could even be finished within a day. These types of counters are more resistant to stains and scratches than other countertops, which are more porous, such as traditional stone. Many people are finding it necessary to consider better ways to work from home in an efficient manner. There are many great customizable choices for your home office that will make working from home more convenient. Some other home remodel or new construction options to consider are: outdoor kitchens, outdoor bars, and fire pits. These make great additions to your home and can add many hours of enjoyment to your family time and social gatherings. These outdoor amenities can also provide greater value to your home. Kelly Construction would love to discuss with you all of your home remodeling or new home construction choices, what interests you about improving your existing home, and how we can help you achieve your dream home. Call us at (605) 877-5614.