Kelly Construction is able to create the custom concrete project details that will impress you. Do you need your patio, courtyard or driveway paved, or perhaps need a patch? We create beautiful decorative concrete for both your interior and exterior projects. Would you like a new flooring option for the interior of your home? One benefit of concrete floors for your residential or commercial property is they are low maintenance and will still be looking great years and years down the road. When choosing the look for your new concrete floors there are many color and surface treatment options that will help make your home or business exactly how you want it. Kelly Construction will give expert attention to all of the design details that are needed to create your perfect concrete patio, driveway, or porch. We have all of your backyard projects well in hand for you. Do you need help with a concrete landscaping project near Rapid City? We make your outdoor areas match and accentuate the beauty of your indoors. Let us help you implement ways to protect and enhance your existing concrete. To receive a free quote or more information, call Kelly Construction at (605) 877-5614.