There are many reasons why someone may need large home construction. You may require several bedrooms due to having a large family, frequent overnight guests, or have need for more space to accommodate an office, more play area for children, or for dedicated hobby spaces for the adults in the family. House plans that include five or more bedrooms will generally offer the greatest level of flexibility along with greater number of options for the level of style. Kelly Construction will work with you to build a home for you that includes all of the design and decoration elements that you have in mind. Each room of your home can have a special purpose or theme of your choosing. Many homeowners have great fun choosing all of the custom features for their new large home construction.    The experienced general contractors at Kelly Construction would love to help you get into the home that will best accommodate your large or growing family, allowing you to create a forever home for your family that will truly last forever. Even after the kids move out, the extra rooms can be easily transferred over to a variety of other functions that better suit your changing life. Perhaps your children are older but you still need the extra space for elderly parents who are moving in. The additional rooms can  be used as permanent guest rooms for friends, family, or roommates. A larger style home will often also include more windows and more spacious common areas. Most important for some families, large home construction means plenty of bathrooms for everyone living in the home. Do you dream of having a grand dining room and/or a sizable kitchen space for your large family and guests? Or do  you really wish your master suite was larger and included a luxurious private bath? Kelly Construction will build your dream home with as many custom features as you require.