There is no better tool for do-it-yourself handyman advice than the internet. You may access detailed instructions and videos on how to complete many common maintenance and renovation tasks around the house with a simple Google or YouTube search.. Even so, with all of this information available, there are still many jobs that are far too complicated and lie outside the scope of the ability of most DIY enthusiasts. That is when the general contractors at Kelly Construction are there to fill in the gap and help you complete all of your projects. We specialize in building custom homes, but we have completed some amazing home remodels and repair projects. Kelly Construction can add an additional bedroom onto your home, build an in-ground pool for your backyard or even complete a major landscaping project for you. We have also worked with commercial properties to add to or improve their space for doing business. There are many essential tasks that will be needed in pursuit of the ultimate goal for your property. Some of which may include:

  • Applying for building permits that will meet local regulations
  • Developing a budget that will be followed throughout the project
  • Having all of the necessary tools and equipment at hand when needed
  • Securing a construction site and equipment
  • Addressing any issues that come up with personnel on-site
  • Keeping good records concerning the materials used, labor, and any other expenses

Kelly Construction can relieve you of the burden of completing those tasks on your own. Our professional general contractors will handle all of the details and organize all of the steps on the path to successful completion of your home or business remodeling or repair project. Call us anytime at (605) 877-5614, we look forward to answering all of your questions.